[expositie] A Sense of Belonging: The land where animation and illustration meet

Welcome Home’ animated poster exhibition

Part of A Sense of Belonging: The land where animation and illustration meet

12 April t/m 26 May 2024
Meterhuis. Pazzanistraat 6, Amsterdam

Dasha Starostin
Emilia Schettino
Britt Raes

KABOOM Animation Festival and the Illustration Embassy are collaborating on a third project: the ‘Welcome Home’ animated poster exhibition curated by Animated W/World.

Last November an open call was held to gather illustrators, animators and artists to participate in the ‘Welcome Home’ animated poster exhibition. The moving posters will be a part of the 2024 KABOOM Animation Festival and the Illustration Embassy exhibition “Home, A sense of belonging”, and find a place in libraries across the Netherlands. The talented illustrators, animators and artists that will be showing their work at the “Welcome Home” Animated Poster Exhibition are:

Lemmy Hoogendoorn (The Netherlands)
Cristina Pecherle (Romania)
Dasha Starostin (Netherlands/Moldavia)
Tonke Koppelaar (The Netherlands)
Free Verhoeven (Belgium)
Renée Kortenoever (The Netherlands)
Janka Sára Balázs (The Netherlands/Hungary)
Gaja Jenko Mihelič (Slovenia)
Alessia Travaglini (Italy)
Nadège Jankowicz (Germany)
Saskia den Hartigh (The Netherlands)
Silvia Celiberti (The Netherlands)
Ines Pagniez (France)
Britt Raes (Belgium)
Carlyn Westerink (The Netherlands)
Emilia Schettino (Mexico)
Linda Vuorenvirta (Finland)
Lee Teng Poh (The Netherlands)

First locations:
Stadskantoor Utrecht
Monday 1 April – Friday 26 April

Meterhuis Westergas, Amsterdam
Thursday 11 April – Sunday 26 May

What is Happening Here Gallery, Amsterdam
Tuesday 12 April – Thursday 14 April

About Animated Women / World

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About Manu Weiss, Creative XR Producer & Curator, Animated Women / World

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She is also a dedicated advocate for talent development, having built several creative industry networks, initiatives, and conferences. For Manu, the intersection of new technologies, art, and storytelling with a focus on animation is the sweet spot. She firmly believes that technology can be harnessed as a tool for creative expression to inform, engage, and entertain audiences across various platforms.