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Practical information Trailblazers

Date: Thursday, October 5th, to Sunday, December 10th, 2023
Opening hours: Tuesday to Fridat from 12:00 to 17:30, and Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:30
Meterhuis van Westergas
Address: Pazzanistraat 6, 1014 DB Amsterdam 
Admission fee: Free
Publication: Publication Contemporary Illustrators € 19,95
Language: The exhibition is in Dutch and English

Opening – On Thursday, October 5th, the exhibition will be opened by Hedy D’Ancona Emilie Sitzia will interview trailblazer Sue Coe.

If you are interested in an invitation, please contact Sharon Ullers, PR (sharon.ullers@illustratieambassade.nl / +31 6 44 29 65 20).


The thirteen artists included in the exhibition are:

Fiep Westendorp (NL), Tove Jansson (FI), Ingrid Vang Nyman (DK), Judith Kerr (DE), Sue Coe (UK), Tomiyama Taeko (JP), Hannah Höch (DE), Gerda Wegener (DE/UK), Angel De Cora Dietz (USA), Luz Donoso (CL), Inji Efflatoun (EG), Jo Brocklehurst (UK), Na Hye-seok (KR). 


The contemporary illustrators who created artwork for the exhibition are:
Xaviera AltenaGabi BrunhosoKwennie ChengClaudie de CleenEliane GerritsYoko Heiligers Loulou JoaoIris LamRachel SenderMarina SulimaBabette WagenvoortKrista van der Niet en with an additional contribution from: Jip van den Toorn

Trailblazers Exhibition Publication – A Publication newspaper-sized publication featuring 13 contemporary illustrators showcasing their artwork related to the themes of the thirteen trailblazers. With a foreword by Marlies Visser (Director of Illustratie Ambassade) and and text by Floortje Smit (journalist).

Trailblazers at the Ketelhuis

Sunday morning program in collaboration with the Ketelhuis (located next to the Meterhuis, the exhibition space of Trailblazers).

Three Sunday mornings will feature highlights of the Trailblazers. Following the screenings, a guided tour of the Baanbrekers exhibition will take place.

Sunday, October 22nd, 10:30 – 12:00, followed by a guided tour Film: “Tove” (2020)

“In search of freedom and desire” 

In the year 1945, after World War II, the artist Tove Jansson feels a renewed artistic and social freedom. Her unconventional lifestyle, including an open relationship with a married politician, goes against the strict ideals upheld by her father. When she meets the theatermaker Vivica Bandler, she feels an all-consuming love for the woman.

Sunday, November 19th, 10:30 – 12:00, followed by a guided tour
Film: The Danish Girl (2015) 
Einar and Gerda are married and both artists. Their daily life, marriage, and art change when Einar makes the controversial decision to live life as a woman.

Sunday, December 10th, 10:30 – 12:00, followed by a guided tour
Film: When Hitler stole pink rabbit (2022)

Based on the eponymous book by Judith Kerr.
1933, Berlin. Anna is only nine years old when her life suddenly changes. To escape the Nazis, her father Arthur Kemper, a well-known journalist, must flee to Zurich. The rest of the family plans to join him in Zurich later. Anna must leave everything behind, including her beloved pink stuffed rabbit.

Trailblazers Catalog
– Thirteen Trailblazers further highlighted, a guided tour of the exhibition by Emilie Sitzia (Professor of Illustration at the University of Amsterdam).

New episodes of the Illustration Embassy’s ‘Potloodcast’

The Potloodcast is thé podcast series of the Illustration Embassy. In Season 2, an illustrator is interviewed by journalist Floortje Smit based on five images. Through these images, we delve into the life and mind of the illustrator. Who is the person behind the artwork?

In light of the Trailblazers exhibition, three (this time in English) episodes will feature trailblazer Sue Coe, Professor of Illustration Emilie Sitzia, and participating contemporary illustrator and teacher Rachel Sender.

Click here for previous episodes of the Potloodcast

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