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Practical information: Home, A Sense of Belonging

Date: April 12th to May 26th, 2024
Opening: 11 april (rsvp)
Opening hours:  Thursday to Sunday from 12 pm to 5.30 pm
Meterhuis van Westergas
Address: Pazzanistraat 6, 1014 DB Amsterdam 
Admission fee: Free
Language: The exhibition is in Dutch and English

The Illustration Embassy presents “Home, A Sense of Belonging,” where the creative and boundless realms of illustration and animation converge. With guest curator Yvonne van Ulden, an expert in animation, the Illustration Embassy provides a platform for interdisciplinary creators. While animators typically work with sequences of images, the illustrator usually communicates with just one image. This manifestation brings together both disciplines.

The exhibition includes works by Douwe Dijkstra, Loulou Joao, Bouba Dola, Min Liu, Loreta Isac, Jasper Rietman, Ces Davolio, Jasmijn Visser, and others.


The Illustration Embassy is a (digital) platform that enhances the visibility of the versatility of illustration, both as a profession and as an art form. The Embassy advocates for Dutch creators in the (inter)national arena by supporting and nurturing talent. Through exhibitions, events, and education, it demonstrates the impact and power of a unique, substantive, and accessible visual culture, engaging the audience.

Launched in mid-2020 as an initiative of the Fiep Westendorp Foundation and in collaboration with the Stichting Illustratie Biënnale Nederland, the Illustration Embassy aims to be a sustainable platform that serves as a source of historical knowledge while also paying significant attention to contemporary work. It receives support from the Fiep Westendorp Foundation, the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (Creative Industries Fund NL), and Pictoright, and collaborates with organizations in the field such as BNO (Association of Dutch Designers), the European Illustrators Forum, and Pictoright.

In short, the Illustration Embassy is a place where the power of visual language takes center stage. It provides a platform dedicated to the art of illustration and graphic art, with a special focus on exhibition, participation, and education for both the creator and the viewer.


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